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Standard Filter and Mouthpiece Set - SensorMedics - Box of 100

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Spiroplam 6MWT is a new medical device designed by COSMED incorporating the latest design for portable spirometry and a unique tool for the standardized â€oeSix-Minute Walk Testâ€oe (6MWT). The versatility of the Spiropalm 6MWT allows a new way of measuring and reporting results for the Six-Minute Walk Test.

-Real time testing for the standardized 6MWT (Six-Minute Walk Test)
-Measurement of minute Ventilation (VE) and Breathing Pattern during walking, Breathing -Reserve (BR) with ventilation limitation statement.
-HR and SpO2 monitoring by Nonin technology.
-Evaluation of Dynamic Hyperinflation, with the measurement of Inspiratory Capacity.
-USB connection for external printer and PC software for data management.

-Minute Ventilation (VE)
-Respiratory Frequency (RF)
-Dynamic Inspiratory Capacity (IC)
-Dyspnea & Fatigue (Borg Scale)
-Breathing Reserve (BR)
-Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
-Heart Rate (HR)
-Slow/Forced Vital Capacity (SVC-FVC)
-Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
-Bronchial Dilator test.
-Bronchial Challenge test.


6 Minute Walk Test

Distance (m) • 6MWW (Kg*m) • SpO2(%) • HR (%) • T88 (âo/oo¤88%) (mm:ss) • T (Î"SpO2 âo/oo¥ 4%) (mm:ss) • VE (L/min) • RF (1/min) • BR (%) • IC (L) • SBp (mmHg) • DBp (mmHg) • Borg Dyspnea (x.x) • Borg Fatigue (x.x)


FVC • IVC • VC • MVV • VT • FEV1 • FEV6 • FEV1/FEV6 • FEV6/FVC • PEF • PIF • FEV1/FVC • FEF 25-75 • FEV1/VC% • %FEV1 • MEF25% • MEF50% • MEF75% • FET 100% • Lung Age • ERV • IRV • VE • Rf • ti • te • ti/t.tot • VT/ti • Best FVC • Best FEV1 • IC

Materials Included
-PC software and user manual
-AC/DC adapter (110-240V)
-USB communication cable
-Carrying case
-Pediatric mouthpiece adapter
-Mouthpieces and nose clips
-Anti-Bacterial filters
-6MWT Kit (pulse oximeter Nonin, silicon face mask,headcap, elastic belt and product holder)
-USB key storage

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