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Spirotube Type A Disposable Mouthpieces (500 Units)

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Model: 29-7000

Brand: SDI Diagnostics

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The SpiroDocs unique configurations allow for a full range of respiratory analysis and spirometry testing. In addition, optional oximetry capabilities can be included to perform nocturnal SpO2 and 6MWT (Six Minute Walk Test) analysis. This is further augmented by the Tele-Medicine capability that is built into the MIR technology. As a result, the SpiroDec is a world first: featuring 4 commonly used devices in a single small unit.

All MIR products are easily adapted to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that provide for the latest standard for patient privacy and physician reporting requirements. In-addition to the EMR capabilities, all MIR products utilize the most sensitive, accurate and accepted flow technology (FlowMir) developed by MIR-Medical International Research.

Spirometry Features

-Spirometry tests for FVC, VC, IVC, MVV, PRE-POST BD.

-All trials automatically recorded.

-Internal temperature sensor for automatic BTPS conversion.

-Advanced spirometry test interpretation.

-100% cross contamination free, using MIRs patented disposable turbine.

-winspiro PRO PC software included for PC use.

Oximetry Feature

-Simple and clear SpO2 and Pulse measurement with pletismographic curve.

-Sleep disorder detection with events recording.

-Six minute walk test with desaturation area index.

-Parameters directly shown on the display (min, max, mean SpO2 and Pulse Rate, ÃNLGŽ" Index, T90, T89, T88, T5, ODI, NOD, Desaturation Area etc.).

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