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SpiroDoc (With Pulse Oximetry)

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Model: 910610


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SDI Astra 300 Spirometer is one of Astra Techs manufactured touchscreen spirometers that boasts of more than 40 quantifiable parameters and enhanced USB connectivity. SDI Astra 300 Spirometers handy features include a clear LED touch-screen display, patient-initiated testing, AstraPro software, Bluetooth to PC optional connectivity, internal temperature sensor, USB to PC/printer interface, automatic interpretation, AccuFLO Digital Turbine, full-size printouts, customizable firmware for facilitating testing/reporting functions, competitive-pricing and several others. It is a simple, sophisticated and accurate device is used for entering data, testing patients and printing/sending precise reports with ease at hospitals, nursing homes and other medical centers.
Materials Included

Astra 300 Touch Screen Spirometer
AstraPro Spirometry Software
10 AstraGuard Bacterial/Viral Filters
10 Noseclips
1 Quick Reference Card
1 Cable USB (PC Link)
1 Cable USB (External Printer Link)
2 AA 1.5 V Alkaline Battery
Carrying Case
1 Turbine Transducer

Measured Parameters

FEV1 : Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second
FEV1/FVC : Ratio of FEV1 to FVC
FEV6 : Forced Expiratory Volume in 6 seconds
FEV1/FEV6 : Ratio of FEV1 to FEV6
FEV .5 : Forced Expiratory Volume in ,5 seconds
FEV3 : Forced Expiratory Volume in 3 seconds
FEV.5 / FVC : Ratio of FEV.5 to FVC
FEV3 / FVC : Ratio of FEV3 to FVC
FEV1 / VC : Ratio of FEV1 to Slow Vital Capacity
FEF25% : Maximum Expiratory Flow @ 25% of blow
FEF50% : Maximum Expiratory Flow @ 50% of blow
FEF75% : Maximum Expiratory Flow @ 75% of blow
FEF25%-75% : Avg. Forced Expiratory Flow between 25% and 75% of blow
FEF75%-85% : Avg. Forced Expiratory Flow between 75% and 85% of blow
FET25%-75% : Expiratory Time between 25% and 75% of blow
FET 100%: Total forced expiratory time
FEF50%/FIF50% : Maximum Expiratory Flow@50%/Mean Inspiratory Flow@50%
FEV1 / FEV.5 : Forced Expiratory Volume @1 sec / Forced Expiratory Volume @ .5 sec
FEV1 / PEF : Forced Expiratory Volume @1 sec / Peak Expiratory Flow
FIF50% : Maximum Inspiratory Flow @ 50% of blow
FIVC : Forced Inspiratory Vital Capacity
FIV1 : Forced Inspiratory Volume in 1 second
FIV1 / FVC : Ratio of FEV1 to FVC
FEV1 / FIV1 : Ratio of FEV1 to FIV1
PIF : Peak Inspiratory Flow
MTT : Mean Transit Time
PEF / PIF : Ratio of PEF to PIF
BEV : Back:extrapolated Volume
COPD Ind : COPD Index
PEF : Peak Expiratory flow
Lung Age


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