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The MicroQuark provides lung function screening that can be connected to any PC through a USB connection. The user can monitor tests while they are performed through the real time display.

-Full Spirometry testing (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre-Post).
-Bronchial Challenge test (Metacholine and bronchial dilator).
-Automatic diagnosis according to ERS/ATS standards and COPD diagnosis (GOLD).
-Advanced software, patient database, diagnosis, real-time tests, professional prints, trends.
-Digital turbine flowmeter validated by LDS Hospital (ATS Standards).

-Forced Vital Capacity (SVC-FVC)
-Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
-Bronchial Dilator Test.
-Bronchial Challenge Test.

FVC • IVC • VC • MVV • VT • FEV1 • FEV6 • FEV1/FEV6 • FEV6/FVC • PEF • PIF • FEV1/FVC • FEF 25-75 • FEV1/VC% • %FEV1 • MEF25% • MEF50% • MEF75% • FET 100% • Lung Age • ERV • IRV • VE • Rf • ti • te • ti/t.tot • VT/ti • Best FVC • Best FEV1 • IC

Materials Included
-CD with PC software and user manual
-Turbine flowmeter
-2 Nose clips
-Serial communication cable
-Carrying case
-Adapter for pediatric mouthpieces
-Conic mouthpiece
-20 Adult mouthpieces
-20 Pediatric mouthpieces

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