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Bionet SPM-300 Spirometer for Cardio7 and CardioTouch 3000 ECG Machines

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Model: SPM-300

Brand: Bionet

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NOTE: This spirometer can only be used with the Bionet Cardio7 or CardioTouch 3000 ECG machines.

An accurate, infection-free spirometer that connects to the Bionet Cardio7 or CardioTouch 3000 ECG machines to provide two-in-one diagnostic testing. This spirometer uses a disposable sensor, making it easy to maintain because the sensor does not need to be disinfected between uses.

-FVC (Forced Vital Capacity)
-SVC (Slow Vital Capacity)
-MVV (Maximum voluntary ventilation)
-PRE-POST bronchodilator comparison
-Morris/Polgar, Knudson/ITS, ECCS/Quanjer

-SPM-300 Spirometer
-Handle Dock
-Nose Clip
-Diagnosis Guide
-Operation Manual
-100 Mouthpieces

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