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SDI Astra 300 Spirometer

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Model: 29-5300

Brand: Astra

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Shiller is a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment including spirometers. The hand-held Schiller Spirovit SP-1 Spirometer measures lung function in a matter of seconds. It is small, light-weight, inexpensive and user-friendly. It can be used at home, the doctor's office or in a hospital. The unit comes with an easy to read digital screen and on-board printer. It is capable of data transmission with a PC interface. The data management program allows long-term storage. Frequently used for pre and post bronchospasmolysis monitoring of challenge tests, it gives the report in seconds. Results can be printed immediately.
Materials Included

1 pneumotach sensor (choice of SP-150 disposable or SP-20 reusable sensor)
1 noseclip
1 pack of disposable mouthpieces (for SP-150) or filters (for SP-20)
1 power cable
1 pack of paper
1 operating manual

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