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Handheld Spirometer

The recent development of the handheld spirometer has helped doctors and patients to monitor breathing capacity without the necessity of a visit to the hospital. These small spirometers for sale online and at most medical supply houses have revolutionized the care of patients that have breathing problems or blood clots in the lungs. Cheap spirometers are designed for home use. Home health care professionals find these devices are very helpful in the care of their patients with breathing problems. The disposable breathing tubes are biodegradable, thus eliminating the worry of medical waste staying in landfills for years to come.

A patient may need to use a handheld spirometer immediately after surgery to measure breathing capacity. If the reading is too low, this will alert the nursing staff that the patient has respiratory problems.

Handheld spirometers allow the surgical patient to leave the hospital much sooner than before. With one of these devices, the patient or home health nurse can monitor his/her breathing capacity. To use properly the patient puts the tube in his/her mouth and exhales as much as possible through the nose, then inhales slowly and evenly through the mouth. If the patient inhales too quickly, the cheap spirometer can give a false reading.

Used spirometers for sale are just as accurate as the new diagnostic devices at a fraction of the cost. The handheld spirometers have a long-life rechargeable battery which makes the small portable device wireless. It operates without the use of any wires or cables and it is small enough to fit into a standard- sized pocket.

Patients with blood clots in their lungs find the use of the cheap spirometers very painful. However, the reading is very vital for an accurate diagnosis. If the patient's breathing is too shallow, the doctor needs to be notified immediately. More than likely, the doctor will ask the patient to go to the emergency room. These patients will find that, as the blood thinners begin to dissolve the blood clots in the lungs, the handheld spirometers become easier to use. Stress can cause breathing to become shallow and can give a false reading. The patient may complain of dizziness or seem disoriented. It is best to wait until the patient has calmed down before using a cheap spirometer.

Sometimes hospitals will loan a handheld spirometer to patients who are going home so that they can monitor their breathing themselves. By giving the patient an active role in his/her own health care, he/she many begin to recover much faster. Some may decide to purchase a cheap spirometer for long term home use. There are many brands of spirometers for sale on the Internet at reasonable prices.

As the patient recuperates he/she may decide to begin an exercise program to build lung function. Having a cheap spirometer in a gym bag can prove to be handy to give the patient an idea of how well his/her recovery is progressing. Running is the most recommended exercise.